Introducing home/school/life Magazine (And a Quick contest)

Homes/School/Life Magaznie Flyer

On Monday, April 7, the premier issue of home/school/life Magazine will be available, and I am quite excited for several reasons. Truth be told; I miss magazines. I miss sitting on the sofa and reading insightful articles that spark conversation and action. I have not subscribed to a magazine in years because, as a homeschooling mom, there are very few that interest me. Most parenting magazines speak to those who have to send their children off to school daily and then must do the normal Continue Reading

Classic Short Stories to Add to Your Read Alouds

Upstairs to the magic land

The Classics (as deemed by an all-white panel of really old men) are a necessary addition to your child's knowledge bank. It's so important to have a strong foundation. Here are a few of my favorite short stories that I believe are child-friendly. We will be reading (and sometimes re-reading) these in the next week. These do not link anywhere as you can easily find them online by doing a simple search. The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde Thumbelina Continue Reading

Multiplication by Grouping Part 1 and Part 2

The Hair does Math

We've spent a lot of time on addition and subtraction in part because I wanted to insure that The Tornado had a good grasp of her fact families. I used to feel pressure to keep up with others who were also using Singapore Math, but I've become less concerned with the speed in which we complete things and more with the level of mastery we achieve. We just began multiplication in Singapore Math book 1b and The Tornado mastered the concepts pretty quickly. We decided to put together two Continue Reading

Books We’re Reading

Goodreads Reading challenge

I absolutely love the blog, I Capture the Rowhouse, and Farrar's frequent posts about what her family is reading inspired me to share similarly here.We read a lot and I really want a better way of keeping a record of what we are reading. As I look for a way that works for our family, I will share some of the books we've been losing ourselves in for hours at at time. Who Stole the Mona Lisa by Ruthie Knapp READ ALOUD Written in first-person, this book retells the story of the theft of Continue Reading