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Web Design and Technology

I am a techie. always have been. For some reason, I was able to understand computers and from the moment I used my first one back in 1988, I just knew what to do it. I'm a self-taught web developer and I love having the ability to make computers do what I want. Suffice it to say that my love of technology is a large part of how we homeschool. We have an iPad and use several programming apps. My daughter knows how to type and understands the parts Continue Reading

Language Arts

Goodreads Reading challenge

Books We’re Reading

I absolutely love the blog, I Capture the Rowhouse, and Farrar's frequent posts about what her family is reading inspired me to share similarly here.We read a lot and I really want a better way of Continue Reading

History and Geography

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Arts and Crafts


Coloring Pages

There is so much to update here. So much! I promise to do so soon.I designed this along with about 3 more pages to help keep my daughter busy while I was working and cooking during the Thanksgiving holiday. So why the complicated design? We have looked at complex shapes and experimenting with Continue Reading

Physical Education

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A Modern Day Treasure Hunt Learning Experience

I heard about geocaching a while back from another homeschooler with whom I am somewhat familiar. He mentioned that he and his family were very much into this treasure hunting activity but I wrote it off as it was the middle of winter and sounded like something only very eccentric people did for Continue Reading



3rd Grade Curriculum 2014 – 2015

We're back at it, although later than I would have liked; I am still in planning mode. Rather than starting on August 16, like we've done in the past, we will be starting right after Labor Day. Last year we attempted to do six-weeks on and six-weeks off, but failed miserably. We started off strong, Continue Reading

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