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Our Year in Review: A World of Chaos


What life pretty looks like currently

Whew! What a year. Actually, what a year and a half. Technically, we are completing second grade, but things have been moving slowly. Moving across country is enough to drive the sanest of people batty. For me, I am a complete mess. Between building a business from the ground up because we left most of our clients back east, trying to get acclimated to our new state, dealing with working from home with my husband, The Tornado’s mental, intellectual, and emotional growth, and this nagging desire to have a baby, life has been a barrel of monkeys. Throw a mountain of financial wows (read about how we and others homeschool through a financial crisis at home | school | life magazine) into the mix and the chaos has been strong with us.


Contemplating life whilst looking out the living room window of our new apartment.

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Language Arts

Goodreads Reading challenge

Books We’re Reading

I absolutely love the blog, I Capture the Rowhouse, and Farrar’s frequent posts about what her family is reading inspired me to share similarly here.We read a lot and I really want a better way of keeping a record of what we are reading. As I look for a way that works for our family, […]

The Tornado displaying a love of books at an early age.

Tools to Teach Preschoolers and Kindergarteners to Read

She’s reading! That’s right; my daughter began reading about a month ago and it has opened up a whole new world for us as a family. Seriously, I finally feel like we can actually do this homeschooling thing now! Truth be told, I have known that she could read longer than she has known. She […]

History and Geography


Secular Activities for Teaching Pre-History

Pre-History is the study of the world before there was written language/documentation. By its most basic definition, it is secular – although I have seen some religious bloggers use religion to teach PreHistory. However, because we teach from an evolutionary point of view, it was important that not only do we focus on Pre-History for a full […]

Making Beads

A Very Delayed Post About Homemade Wampum Beads

We began studying World and American History  in September with an introduction to early civilizations and early means of trade. Specifically, we talked about the Iroquois American Indian tribe and their use of the Wampum Bead as a method for trade. Then we made our own homemade version. Here’s how: Recipe 2 c. flour 1 c. salt […]




Step By Step: Building a Volcano

We are learning all about PreHistory and I've decided to include as many activities as possible because I love arts and crafts. The Tornado was very interested in how volcanoes formed land, so after Continue Reading


Planning in the midst of Chaos

Let me back track a little to give you an idea of what our lives are like now. I actually design websites and do social media consulting for a living. For the last year, I was the social media manager Continue Reading

Arts and Crafts


Coloring Pages

There is so much to update here. So much! I promise to do so soon.I designed this along with about 3 more pages to help keep my daughter busy while I was working and cooking during the Thanksgiving holiday. So why the complicated design? We have looked at complex shapes and experimenting with Continue Reading

Physical Education

Screen Shot 2011-09-24 at 11.33.30 PM

A Modern Day Treasure Hunt Learning Experience

I heard about geocaching a while back from another homeschooler with whom I am somewhat familiar. He mentioned that he and his family were very much into this treasure hunting activity but I wrote it off as it was the middle of winter and sounded like something only very eccentric people did for Continue Reading


Second Grade: the First 6 Weeks

2nd Grade Curriculum and Planning

We are gearing up to start homeschooling again after a sporadic year of not meeting the goals I set for first grade. While we have settled in nicely here in Arizona, the move left us struggling to finish all of the lessons that we started last June. So, this year, taking into account that we are no Continue Reading

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